Esercizi di Coralità Politica /  Exercises in Political Chorality


developed in the fremework of Lungomare Gasthaus Bozen- Bolzano (01-30.06.2013)
curated by Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo, Lisa Mazza

a project by: Luigi Coppola
Musical coordination: Marcello Fera
Dramaturgic coordination: Ina Tartler
Coordination e dramaturgic assistance: Anna Gojer
Stage objects: Luigi Coppola with Marzia Migliora
With: Monika Callegaro / Michele Cirillo a.k.a. Ciro /Choriosum /Arno Dejaco /Claudio De Nicola a.k.a. Jack Herer / Riccardo El Madany a.k.a. Bomberman / Fabio Grandinetti a.k.a. Dj Nigo / Diletta La Rosa / Matteo Jamunno / Lene Morgenstern / Marco Picone a.k.a. Zelda / Alex Piovan a.k.a. Sigma / Flora Sarrubbo / Samuel Stenico a.k.a. Sten / Alissa Thaler / Matthias Vieider 
Spatial Structures: ConstructLab/eXYZt
Alexander Römer, Patrick Hubmann, Gonzague Lacombe, Mattia Paco-Rizzi

Act 1: Resistenza /Resistance
Act 2: Armonia o Conflitto?/Harmony or conflict?
Act 3: Visione e Profezia/ Vision and Prophecy

Foto/Photos: Daniel Mazza

“Masses & Motets” are three musical performances that focus on having one’s say, the resistance to entertainment and consumer society, political declaration, proposal and vision. The choir symbolizes the ability of a group of people to “agree” and to create a shared harmony through moments in which their individual or collective voices are in dialogue or in conflict.
The artists involved come from different musical and performance backgrounds, including hip-hop, performative literature, polyphonic singing, theater, slam poetry, easy listening and experimental music. The project is rooted in the writings of authors who continue to leave their mark in terms of political imagery, such as Langer, Pasolini, Gramsci and Beuys, and also contains original writings specially created for the project. The performances will first take place in public spaces around the city and then at Lungomare Gasthaus in a group performance.

“Masses & Motets” sono tre performance musicali incentrate sulla presa di parola, la resistenza alla società dello spettacolo e dei consumi, la testimonianza, la proposta e la visione politica.
Il coro è simbolo della capacità di un gruppo di persone di “accordarsi”, di creare un’armonia comune, passando anche attraverso dei momenti in cui le voci, individuali o collettive, sono in dialogo o in conflitto.
Gli artisti coinvolti provengono da famiglie musicali e performative differenti come hip hop, letteratura performativa, canto polifonico, teatro, poetry slam, musica leggera e musica sperimentale. Il progetto si radica sulle scritture di autori che continuano a lasciare il segno in termini di immaginario politico, come Langer, Pasolini, Gramsci, Beuys e si apre a scritture originali costruite espressamente per il progetto. Le performance saranno eseguite prima in alcuni spazi pubblici della città e poi a Lungomare Gasthaus in una performance collettiva.

IO IN TESTA A-HEAD | cantiere comune di immaginario politico

performance and workshop
in collaboration with  Marzia Migliora
photos: Francesco Nicolai 
Teatro Valle Occupato  | Nomas Foundation | Nuovo Cinema Palazzo



Two artists, Luigi Coppola and Marzia Migliora, the Teatro Valle Occupato, Nomas Foundation and Nuovo Cinema Palazzo, invite all the citizens to an artistic and political action, in response to the marginal role that Culture has within the political debate.
The workshop and the performance emblematically take place during the days preceding the municipal elections in Rome. The project gains strength and inspiration from the political and cultural practices started by Teatro Valle Occupato, Nuovo Cinema Palazzo and other alternative realities which focus on culture as a primary means to structure a necessary and concrete utopia in which the citizen is the driver of change.
During the course of the workshop, sharing, listening, suggesting and manual producing merge in order to build the choral/collective structure of the performance.
The aggregating symbol chosen for “Io in testa” will be a hat made ​​of papier-mâché during the course of the workshop.
Each participant is able to produce his/her own headdress made of newspaper, starting from the traditional model worn by masons to take on different and personal features and symbols of resistance and identity.
Wear this object made with the topicality of newspapers, express an act of awareness and willingness to dress up everyday life, bringing it back to where it starts and where it is played: the street.
The workshop is also proposed as a means to collect and synthesize contents which have come into being during the occupation of Teatro Valle and Cinema Palazzo experiences. Several guests are invited to animate and stimulate the debate on the question of culture as a common good.


video project, 2012


a project by Luigi Coppola

Realized on the frame of the exhibition "Enacting Populism in its Mediæscape" curated by Matteo Lucchetti at Kadist Art Foundation - Paris.

With: Olivia Algazi, Gaël Bourhis, Ilios Chailly, Périne Julien, Théo Vailly, Jean-Joseph Vital.

Film direction: Luigi Coppola and Claudio Cavallari
Images: Claudio Cavallari and Fabrizio La Palombara
Musical direction: Gabriel Mattei
Editing and postproduction: Claudio Cavallari

Produced by: Luigi Coppola, Kadist Art Foundation and all the people participating in the project.

Artistic coordination and logistic: Les Commissaires Anonymes (Cécile Roche Boutin and Mathilde Sauzet).

Texts taken from:
Utopie Réaliste (Realistic Utopia), proposals published on Paul Jorion's blog (2011)
Saint-Just, extracts from Discours sur la Constitution de la France (April 1793)
J.M. Keynes, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936)
Paul Jorion, Le capitalisme à l'agonie (2011)
P. Sarton du Jonchay, contributions on Paul Jorion's blog (2011)
Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Inaugural Address (March 1933)

Thanks to: Kadist Art Foundation Paris, Mains d'Oeuvres, François Leclerc, Claire Roudenko-Bertin, Caroline Hancock, Judith Wielander, Sandrine Baudoin, Maya Coppola, Guillaume Dupuy, Fabrizio Scapin, Giuseppe De Vecchi and all the people have participated at the project.

I am particularly grateful to Paul Jorion and his blog  for feeding the spirit of this project.

EVENTO 2011: art pour une ré-évolution urbaine

special project, 2011-2010 
  Urban art biennale in Bordeaux
Artistic Direction: Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte
Joint Artistic Director: Luigi Coppola

SHARED KNOWLEDGE PROJECT video link (from the exhibition in Kunsthaus Graz, sept 2012)

This second edition of EVENTO is centred on the participation of all kinds of public and the implication of artists that will activate collective creations. Approximately 250 organisms (non-profit organisations, local institutions, schools, etc.) are part of the different projects of the event.
Whether it be the strong mobilisation of music enthusiasts for the Sound Res with the active participation of the Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud, but also the contribution of graphic designers and illustrators for arc en rêve and STEALTH.unlimited‘s project at the Abattoirs, EVENTO 2011is an event of contemporary creation that calls upon international artists as well as the creative abundance of the territory.
The Sites, real laboratories of open and shared artistic creation, are strong examples of this local implication. More than 60 non-profit organisations are participating, alongside the Halle des Douves association, in the project of Dutch artist Jeanne Van Heeswijk p, to offer a daily programme from 6 to 16 October, from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m.
The Evolving Theatre on Place André Meunier also calls upon the collaboration of structures and inhabitants of the neighbourhood, through all kinds of workshops set up from September.
The Central Parc project is mobilising many structures of the Grand Parc neighbourhood, whether it be the social and cultural centre, the animation centre, the Library, but also several associations. The latter were able to present their citizen approach at the stop of the mobile site at Grand Parc on 2 July. The mobile unit, which has been travelling across the territory ever since, offers to anyone interested in talking about his/her individual or collective approach of solidarity, the possibility to answer the Wanted ad that has been broadcast since June.

COMMUNITY ART The Politics of Trespassing

publication, 2011

Valiz/Antennae Series

Edited by Paul De Bruyne, Pascal Gielen.

Italian philosopher Antonio Negri has declared that “Every kind of change belongs to a form of community art,” inverting the convention that community art can be an integral component of social change and extending the rubric of art to propose a commons of all those striving to effect change in social, economic, technological and ecological arenas. So how do these endeavors influence and act upon one another?
 In Community Art, artists and theorists Tilde Björfors, Bertus Borgers, Paul De Bruyne, Changchengh, Luigi Coppola, An De bisschop, Miguel Escobar Varela, Jan Fabre, Alison M. Friedman, Pascal Gielen, Sonja Lavaert, Carol Martin, Antonio Negri, Alida Neslo, Tessa Overbeek, Lionel Popkin, Richard Schechner, Hein Schoer, Ricky Seabra, Jonas Staal, Klaas Tindemans, Luk van den Dries, Quirijn Lennert van den Hoogen, Hans van Maanen, Bart Van Nuffelen and Karel Vanhaesebrouck explore the practices of artistic and social movements in western and non-western societies.


site specific performance, 2011


Grote Markt Antwerpen - 30 april 2011
realized in the frame of Enacting Populism curated by Matteo Lucchetti

a project by Luigi Coppola
realized in the frame of Enacting Populism curated by Matteo Lucchetti
with Luigi Coppola, Sven Goyvaerts, Margareth Kaserer, Matteo Lucchetti, Esther Severi
images and editing by Claudio Cavallari
produced in the context of the residency in Air Antwerp
with the support of a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies)
Antwerp 2011


residency, 2011

AIR Antwerp / residency 
An ongoing research on the possible relationships between art practices and populist aesthetics

Curated by Matteo Lucchetti
with Francisco Camacho, Luigi Coppola, Danilo Correale
in collaboration with Extra City, Antwerpen


performance, 2010


performance as part of the exhibition "Rich Disorganization"
Seoul Art Space Geumcheon - august 2010

I wear a screaming mask, in order to give voice to several philosophers, intellectuals and activists who have or have had a clear vision on the crisis of the current system and give us visions about the future.

Partecipants in the conference (through a temporary passage from my body)

Vandana Shiva
(1952 India, philosopher, environmental activist)
Žižek (1942 Slovenia, philosopher, critical theorist)
Pier Paolo Pasolini
(1922-1975 Italy, poet, intellectual, film director, writer)
Joseph Beuys
(1921-1986 Germany, artist, art theorist and pedagogue of art)
Doal Kim Yong-ok
(1948 South Korea, philosopher)
Mahatma Gandhi
(1869-1948 India, political and spiritual leader)
I will do my best to translate and expand their message.


residency, performances and exhibition, 2010

Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON

photo: Luigi Coppola "Neutral Ecological Body #Seoul, 2010

Participating Artists:
김명남 Kim Myoung-Nam, 김지수 Gisoo Kim, 노재운 Rho Jae-oon, 루이지 코폴라 Luigi Coppola (Italy), 극연구소 마찰 The Pure Theatre Laboratory Machal, 무빙밀머리(박찬국) Moving Milmeory, 박능생 Park Nung-Saeng, 수퍼피쉬스! SUPERFISHES! (Korea+Israel), 스튜디오 우하하 Studio Woohaha, 윤주희 Youn Ju-hee, 이기일 Lee Kiil, 이수영+리금홍 Lee Soo-young + Lee Geum-hong, 이세옥+최수환 Rhee Sei+Che Swann, 이호진 Lee Ho-jin, 인진미 In Jin-mi, 장석준 Jang Suk-joon, 정정주 Jeong Eeong-ju, 조습 JoSeub, 제프 슈무키 Jeff Schmuki(America), 천영미 Chun Young-mi
The exhibition highlights ways of interpreting the space of Geumcheon.
Twenty first-term artists from four countries stayed in the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon for two months to one year. The exhibition’s theme Rich Disorganization was proposed to metaphorically present the artists’
new dreams, their individuality, diverse perspectives, and the possibilities of a newly evolving city from viewpoints different from thoseof administrators and local residents. These strangers who enjoy traveling alone, leaving their home voluntarily, and moving to new places anonymously shed light on Geumcheon from the perspectives of
collectors, urban scholars, and detectives.
Their gaze on this region appears inconsistent yet poetic with the intersection of various voices. Moreover, the scenes these artists rendered are mere manifestations of their individual concerns for life here,but have nothing to do with regional issues such as the reality of migrant workers residing here, and reckless development of this area mixed with industrial and residential facilities.
However, individual scenes resident artists rendered acquire meaning of its presence through structuralized, symbolized representations as cultural images, and the memories, reflected by this region’s artifacts and images they collected, are not individual but collective. Can the artists’ aesthetic attempts to add new identity to this declining area save its concealed, forgotten moments of the past?


workshop, performance, photography, 2010

Bressanone - Brixen (BZ) - ITA
with the young people of the On- Stage School of Arts, Bozen


publication, 2009
-In his contribution to this publication the Italian philosopher Paolo Virno argues that art has been dissolved in society like an effervescent tablet in water. The arts have become an essential component of the post-Fordist production process and have to a large degree lost their autonomy. Taking up the challenge of the views of Virno, Hardt and others concerning the place and function of art in society, this book’s authors consult high-profile international figures from various artistic disciplines and endeavour to gain insight into the changing circumstances in which today’s creative processes arise and take shape.
The ways in which the world of art has evolved in recent decades is traced in discussions with, among others, the visual artists Michelangelo Pistoletto and Thierry De Cordier, choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Sang Jijia and Willy Tsao, theatre director Pippo Delbono and pop musician Matthew Herbert.
 Arts in Society sketches a provocative impression of the manner in which prominent artists, theorists and art intermediaries relate to economic, political, social and ecological issues. It presents an instructive narrative about power and impotence, cynicism and utopia, and nihilism and engagement aimed at all those who presently dare to call themselves artists and everyone who wants to understand and defend the importance of the role of the arts in society.

In association with the Research Group Arts in Society, Fontys College for the Arts 
Pascal Gielen and Paul De Bruyne (eds.), NAi-Publishers: Rotterdam, 2009.
With texts by Luigi Coppola, Marie-Josée Corsten, Michael Hardt, Gert Keunen, Rudi Laermans, Sonja Lavaert, Karel Vanhaesebrouck


special project, workshop

see the documentation of the talk  (italian and english) 1:25:00

00:00 -10:20 presentations Cecilia Canziani, Ilaria Gianni, Luigi Coppola
10:20 - 50:40 Pascal Gielen, Art and postfordism from sociological point of view"
50:40 -1:09:00 Paolo Virno, Key words about art and post-fordism
1:09:00 - 1:25:00 Michelangelo Pistoletto, New forms of institutions

 Reading Room, Nomas Foundation, Roma 2010

with Paolo Virno, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Pascal Gielen, Luigi Coppola
organized by Luigi Coppola and Nomas Foundation

For the first appointment of the Reading Room, Nomas Foundation hosts The Research Group Arts in Society of the Fontys College for the Arts for a day of discussions on issues of art, ecomony and society with Paolo Virno, Michelangelo Pistoletto,  Pascal Gielen and Luigi Coppola.
 In recent times, the culture industry has capitalised on the work ethic of the art world - its ever-youthful energy, allure of freedom, flexible working hours, short-term or lack of contracts - and converted into a standard production model. Following the apparent success of 'capitals of culture' schemes and the creative industries, governments too have been keen to embrace this post-Henry Ford work model and seamlessly link it to the globally dominant neo-liberal market economy. But how have artists and other arts professionals reacted to this situation? Can they offer alternative strategies and policies?


special project, performance, 2009
by Michelangelo Pistoletto
re-enactement Luigi Coppola
with the people of Corniglia and Cittadellarte
realized for Artissima Teatro, Blinding the ears curated by Andrea Bellini
Performance, Teatro Regio Torino, 6 nov 2009
photo Enrico Amici


special project, 2009
Ricerca applicata sul rapporto tra arte e democrazia sviluppata da un network di artisti, curatori e teorici
Applied research on the relation between art and democracy developed by a network of artists, curators and theoriticians.
The project will unfold in a series of performances, workshops, screenings, urban interventions, meetings and lectures, and a free press journal on the basic principles of the Italian Constitution.
15 - 30 october 2009 LUNGOMARE BOLZANO

project initiated by Luigi Coppola 
Democratic Acts in Torino and Firenze, curated by Luigi Coppola and Marko Stamenkovic
Democratic Acts in Bolzano, curated by Angelika Burtscher, Luigi Coppola, Daniele Lupo, Judith Wielander
Torino and Firenze
contributi artistici / artistic contributions
Angelika Burtscher & Daniele Lupo / Luigi Coppola / Yingmei Duan / Dariusz Fodczuk / Carlos Motta / Juan Esteban Sandoval
"Unmasked a marathon of artists' videos and films contesting systems of rule" 
 curated by  Elise Youn and Carlos Motta, prod. New Museum di New York
Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler / Petra Bauer / François Bucher / Mary Billyou / Paul Chan / Jim Fetterley /Annelisse Fifi / Jim Finn / Ashley Hunt / Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen/ Lin + Lam / John Menick / Jenny Perlin / Dmitry Vilensky / Angie Waller / Susan Youssef
contributi teorici / theoretical contributions
Branko Brezovec / Cesar Brie /Dariusz Fodczuk / Benoît Lachambre / Esteban Mihalik / Andrés Morte /
Carlos Motta / Andrés Neumann / Michelangelo Pistoletto / Juan Patricia Rivadeneira / Marco Valerio Amico / Elvira Vannini
 Lauren Alexander (designer, South Africa), Marco Angelucci (journalist, Bolzano), Franco Arminio (writer/townologist, Irpinia), Ei Arakawa & Nikolas Gambaroff (performer, New York), Carlo Bachschmidt (Genoa Social Forum), Brave New Alps (Designer, London), Tania Bruguera (performer, Cuba), Yael Davids (performer, Israel), Cornelia Durka (designer, Berlin), Ghalia Elsrakbi (designer, Damascus/Amsterdam), Jack Henrie Fisher & Popahna Brandes (designer/writer, Brussels), Shilpa Gupta (performer, Mumbai), Thomas Kager (political scientist, Bolzano), Merijn Oudenampsen (sociologist, Amsterdam), Cesare Pietroiusti (artist, Rom), Andrea Segre (director, Rom), Maria Rosa Sossai (curator, Roma), Ziga Testen (designer, Ljubljana), Daniel van der Velden (designer, Amsterdam).


performance,  2009

Performance with Yingmei Duan

Cavallerizza Reale, 1st Democracy Biennale Torino; Fabbrica Europa Firenze

"Breathe In Breathe Out" is the third collaborative performance project between Luigi Coppola and Yingmei Duan.
The stage is installed with a large pulley system of ropes. The ropes connect the audience to different objects: a microphone, a book of the law, a bucket of water, a chair, a table, a knife, and some rubbish bags. These ropes also hold the artists, and the audience can interact with these ropes and pull the performers and the objects as they wish. It is almost as if they have a remote control to command the performance.
One cage with a living white rabbit is free among the other tied objects. On the stage there is also a stopwatch on stage timing the performance.
Within the pulley system/spider web the artists represent symbols of moral, social, religious constriction and denial of freedom, in which the audience has an active role and a possibility to move and transform the performance.
Photo: Christian Fusco


performance, 2009

Performance with Yingmei Duan
(30') University of Applied Sciences Nijmegen, The Netherland, 2009
Photo: Rob Gieling

The performance is a collaboration between Yingmei Duan and Luigi Coppola on the occasion of the festival “Beauty, Ugliness and the Sublime”. Their performance relates directly to this premise of the festival.
The performance is held in a space in which the walls are covered in mirrors. The audience sits in two rows. The two performers stand at different sides of the space, rather than looking at each other directly, they look at the reflections of their body in the mirrors. Slowly they begin to move towards each other and meet in the middle of the room.
Coppola starts to undress Duan. He concentrates his attention to her and actively tries to change and move her body according to his own wishes. He also encourages the audience to observe and touch her while she remains passive. This gesture gives the impression he wants the audience to support his idea of beauty.
Whilst this is happening Duan appears hesitant. Her face looks confused and full of questions. She occasionally smells Coppola and various people from the audience that approach her.


performance, 2009 

Performance with Yingmei Duan
(30') Lungomare Gallery Bolzano, Biennale Democrazia Torino, Fabbrica Europa Firenze  Italy - 2009
showed in partecipanti, connessi e in-dipendenti, Parallel Events Manifesta 7
photo: Ivo Corrà

The attention is focused on the crisis of European culture and the schematic construction of new social models. It would be a continuous and futile attempt to define new scenarios of social relationships, based on the consolidated culture of the Old Continent. The ghost is the advancing of the indefinite, incarnated by cultures that we can hear are coming, but are not able to identify. It forces them to join in the game and seek in desperation for new models of social order.
Through the construction of simple and direct performative actions, the artistic duo, composed of the Chinese artist Yingmei Duan and the Italian Luigi Coppola, work on activation, shaking-up relational mechanisms that criticise passivity and encourage taking the stance of a conscious and direct social actor. The duo also work on distances, fears, and the political and cultural divides that separate European culture from that of Asia.


special project, 2008

partecipanti, connessi e in-dipendenti a project by Lungomare & Luigi Coppola Parallel Events Manifesta 7
with Ana Borraho & João Galante (Portogallo), Yingmei Duan (Cina/Germania), Luigi Coppola & Loss (Italia)

photo: Lü Nan, performance To add one meter to an anonymous mountain

The performance weekend at the Lungomare Gallery proposes territories of observation and analysis of the contemporary performing language. “Participants, connected and in-dependent” presents performances which have the shared interest in working on the "aesthetics of relations" and on audience participation, at times subtle and ironic, at times explicit and provocative.


video, 2008


Action in public space /video by Luigi Coppola
realized in the context of the project: Untitled Portrait in collaboration with Isak Immanuel and Yuko Kaseki.
Shinjuku subway station, Tokyo, 2008


series of performances, actions and workshops, 2009, 2008


Series of performances, actions and workshops
Act n. 1 Torino, Bolzano / performance Luigi Coppola &  LOSS (40') 2008
with Luigi Coppola, Arcangela Cursio, Francesca Cola
Act n. 2 Prato, Firenze / performance Luigi Coppola & LOSS (40') 2008
with Luigi Coppola, Arcangela Cursio, Marta Lucchini
Act n. 3 Cittadellarte Biella / workshop and actions Luigi Coppola (4 days) 2009
with the Unidee Residents of Cittadellarte.

DEMOCRATIC ACTS are experiments of creation in a system defined by rules and symbols stipulated by a community through a democratic process.

DEMOCRATIC ACT intended as a Exposed Primitive Democracy: each community defining their System, elect a Delegate with the potential of creating actions, relations, images through the body of the Represented in the space.

TO (untitled portrait and ocean)

performance, 2008


Performance with Yuko Kaseki Isak Immanuel
With musical contributions from Kanoko Nishi, Theresa Wong, and Zachary Watkins
presented in: Farmlab, Los Angeles / New Langton Arts, San Francisco / Dock 11, Berlin / Teatro Affratellamento, Firenze / Teatro Caos, Torino.

To (untitled portrait and ocean) is a meeting of performance art installation, videologue, and intimate dance theatre remapping anomie, travel, and the gravity of location. The work is pieced together by an international collaboration of artists from three different countries: Luigi Coppola, Yuko Kaseki (Japanese Butoh dancer and physical theatre artist based in Berlin working with cokaseki and inkBoat), and Isak Immanuel (interdisciplinary performance and visual artist and founder of the Floor of Sky series in San Francisco). With amplified bicycle/sound sculpture and musical contributions from Theresa Wong, Kanoko Nishi, Zachary Watkins, and Maruta/Phnonpenh MODEL.


video, 2008


a project by Luigi Coppola, Yuko Kaseki, Isak Immanuel
editing video: Luigi Coppola
Taiwan 2008 

presented as video installation at Stazione Leopolda, Festival Fabbrica Europa 2008 (ITA)

UNTITLED PORTRAIT (bright transit)

video, 2007


Project by: Luigi Coppola, Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki. 
Realized during the artistic residency at the Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan.
Taipei - Taiwan, 2007 
The video is part of the project Untitled Portrait an international collaboration between three performing artists from four different countries re-questioning a sense of anomie and the state of the outsider amidst travel, the city, and the non places.

The subtitle (Mario Rossi, John Doe, Erika Mustermann/Nanashi-Gonbee) is comprised of the names for unknown or unspecified persons in Italy, The United States, and Germany/Japan - the countries of the artists own nationality and domicile.
photos: still video of the Taipei project by Luigi Coppola, Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki


performance, 2008 

Hualien Cultural Centre - Taiwan (30')-2008
“Don’t go too far” is an advice for caution. Don’t take risks. Don’t choose an unknown course. “Don’t go too far” is an attempt to restrain.
The performance is an act of resistency of this concept.
The Taiwanese artist Chou Meng Yeh collaborated in the performance with live written text on site.
Photos: Chang shu-man